Monday, March 2, 2009

Yeah, I'm pretty lucky.

My life is pretty sweet. I have a comfortable home, good food, friends and family who love me and I have free time to take photographs on beautiful mornings. Today I got up early to catch the sunshine before the clouds moved in. I spent the morning meandering around  at Doris Ranch with my trusty photography assistant, Juniper. Doris Ranch is a retired filbert (hazelnut for the non-Oregonians) orchard. It is now harvested by the squirrels--and they are ridiculously abundant. They make the dogs go wild--like they need any help. It turned out to be a beautiful day--so warm and sunny I forgot it isn't quite spring yet. 

This wasn't meant to be a self-portrait, but there I am anyways. I think I may be obsessed with shadows right now. I'm also digging the black and white with the shadows.


After our visit to Doris Ranch, Juniper and I met a friend and her dog for a walk. Juniper was SO happy--she hasn't been out for a run since she's been feeling better. She has been pretty patient with the whole no activity thing--but now she's starting to come apart at the seams. She has so much energy and personality she has a hard time keeping herself contained. She not only got a walk and a run today--she rode around with me while I ran errands this afternoon. I bet she doesn't realize how lucky she is. 


  1. Nice blog....enjoying looking at your pictures too. The first b&w, with the tree's branches forming a tunnel really rocks as well as steamy.

  2. What a beautiful dog. Nice to see another Oregonian. I also enjoy the name of the blog, had to check it out merely for that!

  3. Lovely photos and a lovely dog. Thank you for visiting my blog. It's good to know you're lucky.

    Sending love,


  4. Gorgeous photos! This is Trinity from HaikuTofu- if you want to be added to my blog list can you send me a blank email at haikutofu(at)gmail(dot)com ? I need your email address to add you! Thanks!