Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rickety dogs and the number 8

This is Tess. She's a rickety senior citizen who thinks she's a teenager. In her day, she was quite the scrapper. Even though she can hardly walk most days, she still thinks she can start fights. She also still feels the need to leap over puddles. She tries on every curb--you have to give her credit for effort! I love her dearly, however, she can be a bit frustrating at times. She is not the most cooperative old lady. I will be a stubborn old lady one day too, so I can sympathize.

Daffodils already?? These are the first I've seen. Spring is impatient and having trouble waiting it's turn.

I am completely obsessed with the number 8. I see it everywhere--if I have a camera I take a picture. It's always been my favorite number. I like the continuity of it. And the fact that if you turn it on it's side it becomes infinity. Brilliant.

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